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Apleona's Michelle Sneddon has been shortlisted for ‘Cleaning Operative of the Year’

Apleona UK is proud that Cleaning Operative Michelle Sneddon has been shortlisted for ‘Cleaning Operative of the Year’ at the Cleaning Excellence Awards 2022.

Michelle started working with Apleona on one of our educational facility contracts in January this year as an agency employee supporting us with staff sickness cover. Her impact was immediate, interacting with the school pupils, and the classroom teachers. Michelle’s rapport was infectious.

In April this year, Michelle joined Apleona as a permanent member of the team. This is where her confidence really bloomed.

Michelle is disabled with an artificial arm, however this has never stopped her from delivering an incredible standard of work whether working on grounds litter picking, cleaning the gym equipment or dining halls over lunch periods. Teachers, the Head Principle, and the Site Facility Manager have all acknowledged how delighted they are with Michelle on site.  

Unfortunately, earlier this year Michelle took a tumble on her bike, sustaining a broken wrist.

Despite the pain, and now with one arm in plaster and the other being artificial, Michelle refused to take the day off work, despite it being suggested by Apleona management and she managed to maintain a very high level of work.

When asked why she didn’t take the day off, Michelle says: ‘I come to work for the team comradery. I love the school and chatting to the pupils. My job is fun and all of this motivates me to come to work every day. If I was at home recuperating, I’d go stir crazy and wallow!

Michelle offered a solution to our client to flex her working pattern to support the school’s opening and closing hours. She suggested that a team of cleaning operatives would perform better working out of school hours because there would be no school clubs or late study groups to work around, and the gym would be closed.

Finally, Michelle has been instrumental in training the staff who work after hours and making sure they work to her standards and pay special attention to detail, especially in the key areas where teachers and heads of the house are situated.

The customer once again has been delighted with these suggestions to provide a service that is flexible around the business needs.

Uel Readioff, Regional Cleaning Specialist says: ‘Michelle is a highly skilled cleaning operative who cares about her role and delivering exceptional results. She creates a lasting customer journey and she couldn’t be more deserving of this nomination.’

The awards take place in December this year.