Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021

Apleona UK Limited remains strongly committed to supporting the principles of equality and diversity in the workplace, as we continue our pledge to ensuring gender balance through an inclusive and engaging culture.

Our 2021 priorities continued to be focussed around inclusion and wellbeing, increasing the availability of flexible benefits for all and ongoing investment in succession and the development of talent.

Our overall headcount reduced by 7.5%, which has resulted in an improved gender balance of 45% female compared to 55% male, however this has also widened our gender pay gap by 2.07%. Bonus payments paid to both male and female employees reduced compared to the last reporting period with a 1.11% reduction in males receiving a bonus and for the females - a reduction of 0.92%.

The median bonus pay gap has shifted quite significantly from last year which was 25%, to -29.34% in 2021. Despite more males receiving bonuses, the values of a number of these bonuses are much smaller. Operating in the service orientated business, we find that either gender can be under or over represented in certain roles. For example, technical based roles and project management roles tend to generally be filled by male employees which are higher paid roles than our cleaning or administrative functions which have a higher number of females, who also work on a part-time basis.

Of all the roles in the business, our cleaning operative positions remain female dominated, seeing a 5% increase in the reporting period equating to 65%, with a 9% increase (73%) of female colleagues working part time. Females in management positions has increased slightly by 2% to 33%, and we remain committed to equality of opportunity, regardless of gender.

More employees are encouraged to develop and realise their potential through our bespoke Talent and Management Programmes. The launch of Apleona Academy resulted in 9% of females completing developmental learning since the last reporting period.

Gender Pay Reporting 2021

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